For python development, I use slime with tmux and the following configuration

let g:slime_target = "tmux"
" configuration for vim in a split tmux window with a REPL in the other pane:
let g:slime_default_config = {"socket_name": "default", "target_pane": "{last}"}

For R I use NvimR which has some nice shortcuts based on the <localleader> key. I developed some kind of muscle memory to those shortcuts and I sometimes use those shortcuts inside a python file. I managed to create the following two shortcuts and they work fine, I can send the current line or the current paragraph to tmux:

" Similar to NvimR's shortcut send line, but with Slime
autocmd FileType python nmap <LocalLeader>l <Plug>SlimeLineSend
" Shortcut to send the current paragraph with Slime
autocmd FileType python nmap <LocalLeader>p <Plug>SlimeParagraphSend

In vim-slime/plugin/slime.vim, I found that there is a SlimeRegionSend command. Unfortunately trying to add a shortcut for selected text doesn't work

" Similar to NvimR's send selection, but with with slime
autocmd FileType python nmap <LocalLeader>s <Plug>SlimeRegionSend

My local leader key is ; (it's under the middle finger below K on a French AZERTY keyboard). Entering my local leader key ; followed by s, just replaces the selected text, which is the normal behavior of the s substitute command. I would like instead ;s to send the current selection to the tmux pane.

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<Plug>SlimeRegionSend appears to work on a visual selection so your mapping should be a visual mode mapping instead of a normal mode mapping:

autocmd FileType python xmap <LocalLeader>s <Plug>SlimeRegionSend

But there is another issue: mappings defined for a buffer of a given filetype have a tendency to leak to other buffers if you don't force them to be buffer-local. This is done with :help <buffer>:

autocmd FileType python nmap <buffer> <LocalLeader>l <Plug>SlimeLineSend
autocmd FileType python nmap <buffer> <LocalLeader>p <Plug>SlimeParagraphSend
autocmd FileType python xmap <buffer> <LocalLeader>s <Plug>SlimeRegionSend
  • Thank you. Accidentally pressing s a second time deletes the selection. It is a little annoying when this happens, so I changed the mapping of SlimeRegionSend from s to m. Commented Mar 8, 2023 at 10:25

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