Vim is so infinitely configurable. However, devising a vimrc is a daunting task for novices and intermediate users. Basically, you're expected to develop one from a blank slate by reading the documentation and picking up serendipitous tips from other users.

Is there an intuitive configuration menu to help beginners generate and revise a vimrc? Maybe a web-based tool, or something analogous to an options dialog in a word processor?

LibreOffice preferences screenshot (CC-BY-SA 3.0 from th.libreoffice.org/get-help/installation/mac/)

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You can use the built-in :options and :mkvimrc (see :help :options and :help :mkvimrc).

But… creating your own ~/.vimrc is a daunting task only if you want the perfect vimrc "right now". If you are not patient enough, there are dozens of alternative editors with less options and GUI dialogs. Vim is not an editor you can pick up in an afternoon: expect work and reading.

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    Exactly this. I've been using Vim for 8 years and I'm still writing my vimrc. If you try to configure too much at once, you won't remember what you've done and you'll forget to take advantage of it.
    – tommcdo
    May 30, 2015 at 5:08

One website for generating .vimrcs is http://vimconfig.com/ . It's fairly basic — just enough to get started on (line numbers, search highlighting, etc.).


Update: this answer is obviously wrong as other answers link to the tools. However, this reply might have same value as to the alternate (maybe even better) approach to the root problem thread author has.

Unfortunately I don't think such a tool exists.

But to answer the "root" of your question - you definitely don't have to start writing your .vimrc from scratch. Common practice among beginning users is to look into .vimrc files of expert vim users. Here are some examples you could learn a lot from:

Lastly, there's Tim Pope's plugin vim-sensible that provides some fundamentals and I'd recommend installing it.

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