I'm running the command


to block comment a section of code, however, after running the command the editor highlights the first character in every line of the file. I guess this doesn't surprise me since those characters match the regex, but I thought this would be suppressed if I add a range.


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I would highly recommend commenting plugin like commentary (which I use), Nerd Commenter, EnhCommentify, tComment, ..., etc. There is no shame in using a plugin.

  • so far commentary is very useful, thanks for the suggestion.
    – toweleeele
    Jul 30 '15 at 19:45

:.,.5norm I! is an alternative that doesn't use substitution.

By the way, you can shorten your original command like this:


,or like that:


Also, I don't know if you are aware of that but you can prepend your ex command with a count to automatically insert the right range:




And this is yet another way:


But yeah, use commentary.


After performing a search, you can hide the highlights by running


which is short for :nohlsearch. After your next search, the highlights will re-appear.

I actually have this mapped to Ctrl-L so it's even easier to perform.

nmap <silent> <C-L> <C-L>:nohlsearch<CR>:match<CR>:diffupdate<CR>

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