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They all end with toggling the startofline setting. Using startofline it's possible to start a visual selection with Ctrl-v and then use gg or G to select entire columns of text from the cursor to the beginning or to the end of the file. What if I want to select an entire column that doesn't go to the beginning or end of the file?

So for this text:

first line

x b c
a m w
q y c
a e z

last line

If the cursor was on b in the line reading x b c, how can I select the column starting at that b and ending on the e in a e z?

For non-column oriented actions similar to this I would use the shift paren/bracket family but they seem unaffected by nostartofline.


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Probably the simplest way to solve this (apart from using something like ctrl-v 4j) is to use the textojb-word-column plugin: if cursor is placed on the "right" column, a simple vic will get the job done. This is the demo from the plugin page:

gif demo from the plugin page

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