I installed vim-snippets, ultisnips and coc.nvim in my Vim (gVim on Windows).

How can I see a list of snippets that I can use in my current open file?

For example, when I'm editing a .js file, I want to see the list of all snippets for javascript file.

I found UltiSnips#SnippetsInCurrentScope in this link in ultisnips github repository but I do not know how can I use that in _vimrc file.

I know I can see list of snippets in vim-snippets github repository but I want to see them in my Vim.

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Coc Snippet Provider

If you are using coc you can install the coc-snippets plugin that provides a snippet provider and auto-completion of snippets.

You can install the snippet provider using the following Vim command:

:CocInstall coc-snippets

Fuzzy Providers

If you are using the FZF plugin it provides a :Snippets command that list of the UlitSnip snippets available.

If you are using the Clap plugin it is probably possible to build a provider for UltiSnip snippets using the API that you mention in your question.

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    Thanks, your answer solved my problem. Mar 1, 2023 at 3:38

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