I use ALE to check coding style, but I want to ignore the warning type:line too long, like this picture: enter image description here

And I find the related setting g:ale_exclude_highlights, this is its explanation in :help ale :

g:ale_exclude_highlights                             g:ale_exclude_highlights

  Type: List
  Default: []

  A list of regular expressions for matching against highlight messages to
  remove. For example:

  " Do not highlight messages matching strings like these.
  let b:ale_exclude_highlights = ['line too long', 'foo.*bar']


  1. I put let g:ale_exclude_highlights = ['line-too-long', 'line too long', 'Line too long', 'E501'] in ~/.vimrc,
  2. then open vim again,
  3. then check the above settings by :echo g:ale_exclude_highlights.

But the warning highlight still arise.

My question is: How to set the ALE configuration g:ale_exclude_highlights?

PS. & UPDATE: MY ALE Config(find in ::ALEInfo)

Current Filetype: python 
Available Linters: ['bandit', 'cspell', 'flake8', 'flakehell', 'jedils', 'mypy', 'prospector', 'pycln', 'pycodestyle', 'pydocstyle', 'pyflakes', 'pylama', 'pylint', 'pylsp', 'pyre', 'pyright', 'refurb', 'ruff', 'unimport', vulture'] 
Enabled Linters: ['flake8', 'pylint'] 
Ignored Linters: [] 
  • Could you tell us what is the language/filetype of the corresponding buffer? Could you tell us what is the linter you are using? Feb 26 at 9:17
  • @Vivian De Smedt Thank you for your remind, I've update some related info in the end of question. Feb 26 at 13:57

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I'm not sure it applies to lines (see this ALE issue).

I suppose the best is to configure the underlying linter.

For the flake8 linter I have in ~/.flake8:

max-line-length = 125
ignore = 
    # E203: whitespace before ':'
    # E501: line too long
  • Thank you for replying, can I ask how to configure the underlying checker. Feb 26 at 9:17

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