I use undotree to visualize the changes available in my undofile. Is it possible to merge a branch of the undofile with the current version of the file I am working on?

I am looking for something similar to merging two versions of a file in git. Example undo tree shown by the undotree plugin


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I would:

  1. Save the current version to disk
  2. Select the version from the undo tree
  3. Run the :Diff command

Remark: The :Diff command is not a standard Vim command but it is a common addition.

Here is the version of @romainl:

function! Diff(spec)
    vertical new
    setlocal bufhidden=wipe buftype=nofile nobuflisted noswapfile
        let cmd = "++edit #"
    if len(a:spec)
        let cmd = "!git -C " .. shellescape(fnamemodify(finddir('.git', '.;'), ':p:h:h')) .. " show " .. a:spec .. ":#"
    execute "read " .. cmd
    silent 0d_
    wincmd p

command! -nargs=? Diff call Diff(<q-args>)
  • @Matt is the solution addressing your problem. If so could you validate it using the v green button next to the arrow voting button. It allow the question to rest :-) Feb 26 at 5:25
  • 1
    I had hoped for a more efficient approach to this matter, but it seems that no alternative exists at the moment.
    – Matt
    Sep 13 at 4:45

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