In C programming language, it's typical to log a message with filename and line number of the source code file the message is coming from:

#define log(fmt, ...)  printf("%s:%d: " fmt "\n", __file__, __LINE__, ##__VA_ARGS__);

I would want to do that in vimscript.

function! log(msg) abort
    echom previous_vimscript_name().':'.previous_vimscript_line().': '.msg

How would I do that? echom only prints the message, I would want to print where it comes from.

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Found it! You can use expand('<sfile>') and expand('<sflnum>') see h sfile for all the expanded stuff you can use. But instead use:

function! log(msg) abort
    echom expand('<stack>').': '.msg

stack will give you the whole nice looking stack:

/home/kamil/.config/nvim/init.vim[6]../home/kamil/.vimrc[464]..function kc#log: Hello world

I settled for the following, to also remove function kc#log from the output:

echom substitute(expand("<sfile>"), '\.\.[^.]*$', "", "").": ".a:str

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