The Unicode value of multiplication sign (×) is 00d7. I can insert it using the key sequence: Ctrl-vu00d7.

I want another way to generate it.

In the webpage: Typing Vim math symbols in insert mode. indicates that we can input the division sign (÷) using the digraph -: (i.e. using the keys sequence: Ctrl-k-:).

Is there any digraph for ×?

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    Is there any digraph for any glyph? The :digraph command lists them all.
    – Friedrich
    Commented Jan 28, 2023 at 12:53

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You can use the digraph *X (type in insert mode Ctrl-k*Shift-X)

If you have the code inserted in the text using the ga command you'll receive more information about how to insert it and in particular if there is a corresponding digraph.

For the multiplication symbol × it gives:

<×> 215, Hex 00d7, Oct 327, Digr *X

You have also the possibility to add some digraph for a given decimal code. The following command add the digraph xx for the multiplication symbol ×

:digraph xx 215

Characterize plugin:

The vim-characterize plugin enrich the ga command:

For the multiplication symbol × it gives:

<×> 215, \327, U+00D7 MULTIPLICATION SIGN, <C-K>*X, <C-K>/\, &times;

Teaching you that you can also use the /\ digraph (type in insert mode Ctrl-k/\)

Unicode plugin:

With the Unicode plugin you'll get additional commands:

  • UnicodeName that could replace the ga command
  • Digraph that searches the digraph for a character name
  • UnicodeSearch that searches through the Unicode table for symbols.

The command :UnicodeName for the multiplication symbol × gives:

<×> U+00D7 Dec:215, MULTIPLICATION SIGN (Sm) (*X, /\) &times; /\%ud7 "\u00d7"

If you like it I would add the following mapping to replace the standard:

nnoremap ga <Plug>(UnicodeGA)

The command :Digraph mult gives:

× *X /\ 215

The :UnicodeSearch multiplication gives:

   ×    U+00D7 Dec:000215    MULTIPLICATION SIGN (Sm) (*X /\) &times;
   ⊍    U+228D Dec:008845    MULTISET MULTIPLICATION (Sm) &cupdot;
   ✕    U+2715 Dec:010005    MULTIPLICATION X (So) &#x2715;
   ✖    U+2716 Dec:010006    HEAVY MULTIPLICATION X (So) &#x2716;
   ⨰    U+2A30 Dec:010800    MULTIPLICATION SIGN WITH DOT ABOVE (Sm) &timesd;
   ⨱    U+2A31 Dec:010801    MULTIPLICATION SIGN WITH UNDERBAR (Sm) &timesbar;
   ⨴    U+2A34 Dec:010804    MULTIPLICATION SIGN IN LEFT HALF CIRCLE (Sm) &lotimes;
   ⨵    U+2A35 Dec:010805    MULTIPLICATION SIGN IN RIGHT HALF CIRCLE (Sm) &rotimes;
   ⨷    U+2A37 Dec:010807    MULTIPLICATION SIGN IN DOUBLE CIRCLE (Sm) &Otimes;
   ⨻    U+2A3B Dec:010811    MULTIPLICATION SIGN IN TRIANGLE (Sm) &tritime;
   ⫁    U+2AC1 Dec:010945    SUBSET WITH MULTIPLICATION SIGN BELOW (Sm) &submult;
   ⫂    U+2AC2 Dec:010946    SUPERSET WITH MULTIPLICATION SIGN BELOW (Sm) &supmult;

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