I'm running Ubuntu 22.04 and I have neovim (I think I have the latest version) v0.6.1.

When I use an emoji in my code, like this coral:

enter image description here

And then I switch buffers. I see an artifact (in this case the letter 'l') from the width mismatch of that emoji (I think this is what that hanging 'l' is anyway).

enter image description here

I would love to understand how to fix this, or how to upgrade my neovim if I'm just a few versions behind.

I've tried sudo apt install neovim and it says I'm on the latest.


Here's the code with the emoji:

      h2 Help Us 🪸 Save Coral

In Gnome terminal you can tell it to treat special characters as narrow or wide, and regardless of which you do, you end up with mismatches that leave behind artifacts.

In Neovim that's the last character on the line showing in the next buffers as you switch buffers, if you have 'narrow' as the setting in Gnome Terminal. If you have 'wide' set, it'll push whole lines down and leave much more in those "artifacts."

Here's the issue in the Neovim Github: https://github.com/wez/wezterm/issues/1231

  • The latest stable of Neovim is 0.8.2. But I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Your screenshots are confusing me. Is the first screenshot a Neovim screenshot? Is the second screenshot displaying the same buffer (the content, line number, neovim settings seems different). It would help if you could give us more context. Jan 27, 2023 at 6:14
  • Thanks! I have to figure out how to upgrade. I guess the PPA is behind? They are both screenshots of the same location on my screen, but two different buffers. The hanging 'l' is an artifact from the first buffer (screenshot) spilling over into the second. Jan 27, 2023 at 15:06
  • Thanks I understand now :-) Jan 27, 2023 at 15:45
  • Is your problem solved by upgrading? Jan 27, 2023 at 15:45
  • 1
    Upgraded!! : ) But doesn't solve the problem. Upgraded to 0.7.2 by the way. Jan 27, 2023 at 16:35


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