I'm trying to setup Vim with Flake8, YouCompleteMe and other python add-ons using Vundle.

What is the correct Vim package (vim/vim-gtk/vim-gtk3/...) to install on Linux? I noticed after apt install vim-gtk, python3 is enabled but not python when I run vim --version.

Remark: I have no need for a GUI based editor.

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In Vim, "python" means Python 2. Note that this is just for Vim's scripting interface (see :h +python). You can edit Python files without any of this.

On Debian, the package vim-gtk3 works fine, vim-gtk is an alias for vim-gtk3 and vim-athena works as well. I have no need for a GUI version, either but the non-GUI packages often offer limited functionality. If space is not a concern, install any of these. There is no single "correct" version.

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