I'm setting up parinfer plugin for lisp development in neovim.

I've installed neovim plugin using below code -

use 'gpanders/nvim-parinfer'

And I've also setup below configuration

-- parinfer options
let g:parinfer_mode = 1
let g:parinfer_force_balance = 1
let g:parinfer_filetypes = ["clojure", "schema", "lisp", "racket", "fennel"]

Now when I edit any clojure files I get below error trace -

Error detected while processing TextChangedI Autocommands for "<buffer=4>":

E5108: Error executing lua ...e/pack/packer/start/nvim-parinfer/lua/parinfer/setup.lua:158: attempt to call a nil value

stack traceback:

   ...e/pack/packer/start/nvim-parinfer/lua/parinfer/setup.lua:158: in function 'invoke_parinfer'

  ...e/pack/packer/start/nvim-parinfer/lua/parinfer/setup.lua:208: in function <...e/pack/packer/start/nvim-parinfer/lua/parinfer/setup.lua:199>

What is wrong with my config and how can I fix this?

parinfer error


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See :help g:parinfer_mode; the valid values include 'smart' and other strings but not 1.

Hat tip to the maintainers.

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