I'm using neovim for clojure development. I would like to setup below plugins.

  1. Olical/aniseed
  2. Olical/conjure
  3. gpanders/nvim-parinfer
  4. PaterJason/cmp-conjure

I don't know how to setup rudimentary config in lua. All I see is setup in fennel. I don't know either fennel or vimscript.

All I have done so far is installed the plugins in neovim using below lua script -

use 'Olical/aniseed'

use 'Olical/conjure'

use 'gpanders/nvim-parinfer'

use 'PaterJason/cmp-conjure'

I don't know how to setup config in lua. Does have one have setup for the above four plugins in lua?



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