set showmatch highlights matching brackets. Is there a way to highlight all text between brackets? I have a black background. When I land on a bracket, I'd like to change the background of the in-between text to dark gray.

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This approach isn't automatic, but v% should show you the text (and conveniently select it in visual mode for further processing).

Alternately, you could use an autocommand or mapping to create a textprop or similar to highlight the region of interest, and then use a timer to clear it (if desired). See :help searchpairpos() for a helpful function to get data about the region to highlight.


It does what it says to do: show (briefly) matching parens/brace/bracket/anglequote. What you're asking for (highlight all text within delimiter) is something very different... Maybe activate search highlight with se hls then issue a relevant search?

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