I am learning vim.

I am at a part that I am very excited about because I think it will lead to a lot of productivity gains: key mapping.

I added the following mapping to my .vimrc:

let mapleader = ","

nnoremap <leader>inc :set incsearch<CR>

Then I saved the file, opened a new vim file in Vim in a new tab in iTerm, and tried to run the new mapping: I typed ,inc then Enter.

The result is:

E492: Not an editor command: ,inc

When I run :map, I see the mapping listed apparently correctly.

So my question is, why might this not be working?

If need be, I can paste my .vimrc here.

EDIT: I noticed that in fact the key binding does work but not in command mode as I had erroneously thought. It works in regular normal mode.

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I suspect that what you type is :,inc and not simply ,inc

Because of the initial : you must the c flavour of map

cnoremap <leader>inc set incsearch<CR>

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