I was trying to bind to <C-m> and <C-i> in nvim to move from window to but these seem to be mapped by zsh to newline and tab respectively. Is there any way to disable these mappings so I can use them for shortcuts?

Here's my nvim keymaps: (The keys are in weird positions as I'm using colemak-dh)

vim.keymap.set("n" "<C-m>", "<C-W>h")
vim.keymap.set("n" "<C-n>", "<C-W>j")
vim.keymap.set("n" "<C-e>", "<C-W>k")
vim.keymap.set("n" "<C-i>", "<C-W>l")

I checked the keyboard shortcuts in the gnome-terminal gui but neither appear.

I tried disabling the shortcuts in zsh but this doesn't affect nvim.

Is there anywhere else I can look for keyboard shortcuts?

Thanks for any help


When I run the command suggested in the comments:

vim -Nu NONE +'nno <C-i> :echom "C-i was pressed"<cr>' +'nno <tab> :echom "Tab was pressed"<cr>'

Both <c-i> and tab result in the same output of Tab was Pressed

I tried removing the newline action of <c-m> from zsh but this made enter no longer work and also didn't seem to affect nvim.

I switched to kitty which fixed my issues.



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