I use Vim version 8.2

I have e.g. 5 windows.

I have made these of equal height by normal command

  1. first question:

How to write this to be executed as :excommand in the EXcmd line?

  1. second question:

I want to resize one of these windows to make it higher by e.g. 3 lines by:

resize +3



and to make the other 4 windows of equal height each, now a smaller height as before.

How can I acomplish that?


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An alternative to Ctrl-w= is:

:wincmd =

To resize the other windows to equal height with the exception of the current one you could do:

set winfixheight
wincmd =
set nowinfixheight

The total script being:

res +3
set wfh
winc =
set nowfh
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    Thanks to Vivian De Smedt:: This is a very great gain for me, the code does just what I have needed ever. I will incorporate this code in the collection of important commands. I my case as Excmd line, with bar "|" as delimiter. Very many thanks. Regarda. Jan 9 at 15:34
  • You are welcome :-) Thanks for the feedback @Anton! If it solve your problem maybe could you validate the solution using the green v flag next to the voting buttons :-) Jan 9 at 16:07

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