I was wondering how to change the position of the function input information that pops up when using you complete me. There are two problems with it as it is now.

First, the inputs of the function are all displayed on the same line and if the function has many inputs, then the inputs run off the screen and I am unable to see the remaining inputs. It also seems that I am unable to scroll through to see the inputs that run off the screen.

Second, the inputs display on the line above that I am writing on and block off the text that I just wrote.

I was wondering if there was a way to display the function inputs either off to the side or below the line I am writing on and also is it possible to display the inputs of the function so that they do not run off the page? See the screenshot below to see how the inputs run off the page and also block off the top line.

I would like for the function description to look like this following if possible.


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