Using neovim (v0.8.1 on Fedora 37) with its default configuration in my home directory, when I type :e <tab> the completion menu pops up, the first entry (here Desktop) is highlighted and the command line reads :e Desktop/. Say I am looking for Desktop/foo.txt. Intuitively I would like to hit Enter to accept the suggestion, then hit tab again to list the contents of Desktop (this is the default behavior of the fish shell). However, when I hit Enter neovim immediatly executes the command and starts editing the Desktop directory.

Is there a way to only close the completion popup when I press Enter (emulating <C-y>) and of course still accept the command on Enter when there is no completion popup?

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I found this solution that gives the exact behavior I described:

-- init.lua
vim.keymap.set("c", "<cr>", function()
  if vim.fn.pumvisible() == 1 then return '<c-y>' end
  return '<cr>'
  end, { expr = true })

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