I find myself doing the following very often: xkyyxjp (where x is a number).

I copy a whole line x lines up, and then I paste it x lines down (and vice versa); and so I wanted to make a map so I can do it automatically, ideally with: x<Leader>u, where x is the number and u is the letter that indicates the mapping. I tried:

nnoremap <Leader>u @='jyy'<CR>


nnoremap <expr> <Leader>u v:count1 kyy v:count1 jp

How could I write said mapping? Is there an already built-in key that does this?

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You can use :copy or a shortcut :t command for that:


it will copy line 10 below line 20.

Or copy 10 previous lines below line 20:


Instead of copying text directly to the buffer you can use :yank or :y command instead to yank lines:


and then paste with p. This you can map as:

nnoremap <space>u <cmd>exe "-" .. (v:count1 - 1) .. ",y"<CR>

Where :exe executes a "string" you can construct with string concatenation ... And <cmd>expression<cr> is the way to execute a command without changing modes.

If you want to yank a single line located before cursor then :-10y should do it, and a mapping:

nnoremap <space>u <cmd>exe "-" .. v:count1 .. "y"<cr>
  • Hi maxim, thanks for the reply. The thing is (maybe I am misinterpreting this), but I belive that mapping copies a whole bunch of lines. Where instead, I just want to copy a single line that is x lines up, and paste it x lines down. Is there a way to do that instead? Dec 5, 2022 at 11:52
  • @PeterPetigru it should be easier then, :-10y
    – Maxim Kim
    Dec 5, 2022 at 21:36

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