I have a tsv file that has the header separated by tabs but each row is separated by one or more tabs. The parser/viewer I'd like to use doesn't understand that the values are separated by a series of tabs. It expects there to be just one tab between values.

How can I use Vim or another program to find and replace all series of tabs (of variable length) with just one tab?

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You can do this by selecting the line(s) you are interesting in and using the following substitution command: s/\t\+/\t/g

The structure of this command is the following: s/pattern/substitution/g

  • pattern is \t\+, which means one tab or more
  • substitution is \t, which means one tab
  • ending with /g means that you will do this substitution multiple times one a single line, as many times as there are matches on your pattern

Hope this helps!

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    "pattern is \t\+, which means one tab or more" - this was what I was missing. Good to know. Thank you! I actually realized that the tsv file just has a lot of NA/null values and I didn't actually need to do this. Still though, this will help me in the future. I really appreciate it! Commented Nov 27, 2022 at 18:16

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