The vimwiki plugin offers a great feature of converting whole Wiki to HTML: :VimwikiAll2HTML. But it bothers me that there are no back links to the main page, and the only way to navigate back to the main page is using the browser's "back" button.

Is there a way to modify the template vimwiki uses to produce HTML? Preferably without touching the plugin internals (I use pathogen and I want it to be portable between Vim installations).

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Found a solution in vimwiki documentation. Here's a modification to my .vimrc:

let g:vimwiki_list = [{
  \ 'path': '$HOME/Dropbox/vimwiki',
  \ 'template_path': '$HOME/Dropbox/vimwiki/templates',
  \ 'template_default': 'default',
  \ 'template_ext': '.html'}]

I had to create $HOME/Dropbox/vimwiki/templates/default.html, and I took original HTML file content from vimwiki/autoload/vimwiki/default.tpl.

Obviously $HOME/Dropbox/vimwiki is to be replace with whatever directory your wiki is in.

EDIT: Wrote an article with more detail: http://www.rosipov.com/blog/custom-templates-in-vimwiki/

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