• macOS Ventura on M1
  • iTerm2
  • Homebrew
  • Google Chrome

I have tried to install a PlantUML-Preview in (Neo)Vim with this plantuml-previewer.vim plugin.

There are described some dependencies:
Java -> I've done brew install java
Graphviz -> I've done brew install graphviz
On PlantUML home they have information about the Graphviz installation where they say, the dot executable is expected in /usr/local/bin/dot. I do which dot with the result /opt/homebrew/bin/dot.
So I've done a symlink with sudo ln -s /opt/homebrew/bin/dot /usr/local/bin/dot with the result in /usr/local/bin/dot: dot -> /opt/homebrew/bin/dot.
After that, I've follow the instructions on plantuml-previewer.vim again and put the rest to my .vimrc:

    Plug 'aklt/plantuml-syntax'
    Plug 'tyru/open-browser.vim'
    Plug 'weirongxu/plantuml-previewer.vim'

    au FileType plantuml let g:plantuml_previewer#plantuml_jar_path = get(
    \  matchlist(system('cat `which plantuml` | grep plantuml.jar'), '\v.*\s[''"]?(\S+plantuml\.jar).*'),
    \  1,
    \  0

I've run :PlugInstall (everything was installed), then I've saved .vimrc, closed and reran iTerm2.
I've created a *puml with content and start the preview with :PlantumlOpen.
Google Chrome get opened on file:///Users/itsme/.vim/plugged/plantuml-previewer.vim/viewer/dist/index.html but it shows only the PlantUML canvas without the diagram.

Does anybody see, what I've done wrong or has an idea where I can start to search what's going wrong?

Kind regards, Manny

  • I strongly suspect you’ll get the best answer from the plugin maintainers themselves.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Nov 22, 2022 at 16:03

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There is a problem (or takes deeper configuration at the end) with the Java installation of homebrew install java.
Choose the Java installation file from Oracle for the Java installation.

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