Is there a way to highlight a directory of a found file?

For example I look for a specific file with telescope and when I open it, my nvim-tree is updated and shows me parent directory?


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You can jump to the file in current buffer by using :NvimTreeFindFile. To do this automatically upon opening the file in telescope, you need to "overload" the open action of Telescope (called select_default, on - carriage return) to run NvimTreeFindFile command just after you open the file. You can do so by using transform_mod:

In ~/.config/nvim/init.vim put this configuration:

lua << EOF

local transform_mod = require('telescope.actions.mt').transform_mod
local actions = require('telescope.actions')
local mod = {}
mod.open_in_nvim_tree = function(prompt_bufnr)
    local cur_win = vim.api.nvim_get_current_win()

mod = transform_mod(mod)

    defaults = {
        mappings = {
            i = {
                ["<CR>"] = actions.select_default + mod.open_in_nvim_tree,
            n = {
                ["<CR>"] = actions.select_default + mod.open_in_nvim_tree,

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