When I toggle my terminal from a dark to light colorscheme, neovim doesn't match:

  • If my terminal is dark and I open nvim, nvim is dark (:set bg says dark)
  • If my terminal is light and I open nvim, nvim is still dark (but :set bg says light)
  • If I toggle my terminal from dark to light while nvim is open, nvim correctly toggles from dark to light as well (but bg incorrectly reports dark)
  • If I supend vim while it is light (ctrl+z), when I resume, vim reverts back to dark (and bg reports light)

I'm pretty sure this problem started just today, and nvim used to synchronize perfectly with my terminal before this. What can I do to ensure nvim is always in sync with my terminal's light/dark colorscheme?

I'm running nvim -u init.vim where init.vim contains only colorscheme solarized

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set bg=dark in init.vim solved it for me. I verified that the value is "dark" even before I run set bg=dark, but somehow running that explicitly seems to fix the issue.

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