Fugitive provides a :Git commands that opens a window with basically the output of git status. To close it, I need to switch to that window and close it, which is tedious.

How do I toggle this window?

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Since Fugitive's :Git window always opens in the topleft position, we can simply do :1close (or even shorter :1clo) to close that window without switching to it.

But if we do want to a toggling functionality for it, we can utilize 'fugitive_status' window property/variable that Fugitive sets for its :Git window. If any of the opened windows have this variable, we close it; if none of the windows have it, we invoke :Git command.

function! ToggleGstatus() abort
  for l:winnr in range(1, winnr('$'))
    if !empty(getwinvar(l:winnr, 'fugitive_status'))
      exe l:winnr 'close'
  keepalt Git
nnoremap gs :call ToggleGstatus()<CR>

N.B. I used keepalt command so :Git doesn't affect the alternate buffer variable # (see :h alternate-file and :h :keepalt).

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