I use ctrlx f to autocomplete the file path. But the popup window won't have the dot file (hidden file, here it is the .obsidian.vimrc file I want to find) unless I press . first, then press ctrlx f.

I checked this link https://stackoverflow.com/questions/34122136/autocomplete-hidden-files-in-vim and added the code:

set wildignore-=.*
set wildignore-=*.vimrc

But this won't work. How do I fix it?


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We can use a custom function that adds dot-prepended files and directories if there is no pattern before the cursor position.

function! MyCompleteFileName() abort
  " match a (potential) wildcard preceding cursor position
  " NOTE: \f is a filename character, see :h 'isfname'
  let l:pattern = matchstr(strpart(getline('.'), 0, col('.') - 1), '\v(\f|\*|\?)*$')
  let l:file_comp_list = getcompletion(l:pattern, "file")
  if l:pattern == ''
    let l:file_comp_list += getcompletion(".", "file")
  " let l:file_comp_list += getcompletion(l:pattern, "file_in_path")
  call complete(col('.') - len(l:pattern), l:file_comp_list)

  " must return an empty string to show the menu
  return ''

inoremap <C-x><C-F> <C-R>=MyCompleteFileName()<CR>

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