Basically what I want to do is running this key-binding:

nmap <Leader>= :[x digits]pu<CR>

My mapleader Leader is a space.

With the code above I want to paste the current string I have in the clipboard but by specifying the number line where I want to paste it.
For example, If I want to paste the current clipboard into the third line I would type:


Or by using a shorcut with nmap:

nmap <Leader>= :3pu<CR>

So when I press space+= the vim command :3pu will be executed.

Nevertheless, what I want is to specify the number (with one digit or more) by using the nmap. For example, if I press 3+space+= then this command :3pu should run or If I press 14+space+= then this command should run: 14pu.

Is it possible to do that by using nmap? I've seen about using something like this:

nmap [Number]<Leader>= :pu<CR>

but I don't know how to detect what number I've pressed. I've read about using v.count though I was not able to detect with that the pressed number and add it before pu.

Btw, I'm using neovim for this (in case this matters).


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The following works:

nnoremap <leader>= :<C-u>execute v:count 'put'<cr>

(you can probably also use <Cmd> instead of :<C-u>).

  • Thanks so much!! This really worked :D . Oct 20, 2022 at 16:57

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