I love the concept of Vimwiki, but have a problem with it overriding the default md syntax highlighting. The default works well, and I use it regularly to edit md documents to be used with pandoc. Vimwiki changes this highlighting even in non-wiki md files, making my documents much harder to read.

Is there a way to use the default syntax highlighting for markdown files, while still being able to use Vimwiki? I tried reading the manual, but have found no such option yet.


  • Please add your vim configuration. Not everything, just the parts related to vimwiki.
    – 3N4N
    Oct 11, 2022 at 18:47

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This is untested, but you can try the following. Append it to your vimrc.

let g:vimwiki_ext2syntax = {}

Let me know the result.

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