After quite some time of using Vim I wanted to switch to NeoVim and set it up with more IDE-like features. So I googled and took the first thing I found (LunarVim/nvim-basic-ide/), thinking I could change the few things I got used to with my old almost plain config. So far this has worked quite well.

But the one thing I can't seem to find is how to get back to the default behavior where the cursor doesn't jump to the next line. If I move with h to the beginning of a line I want it to stop there. Same for the end of a line and l. It's the default behavior for (Neo)Vim. Can someone please point me in the right direction?


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This is controlled by the 'whichwrap' setting.

Try this:

" Remove h and l from 'whichwrap'
set whichwrap-=h,l

Or just:

" Use defaults
set whichwrap&

I'm not sure how you configure LunarVim not to fiddle with this setting. Try running :verbose set whichwrap? to find out exactly what's setting it.

As a worst case scenario, you could try reverting to the defaults at the end of startup:

augroup fix_whichwrap
  au VimEnter * set whichwrap&
augroup END

FWIW, I'd personally recommend against using something like LunarVim, for precisely the reason that you're experiencing: systems like this can break things in hard to track-down ways. Use whatever plugins make you more productive, but install them one at a time as and when you need them: don't install a bunch of things preemptively.

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