Turns out my problem with this answer is that I need patch 7.4.143. I can't find any download on vim.org for a Windows patched-vim installer. Is there an official distribution of patched vim 7.4 for Windows? Wikia says Vim without Cream is the way to go - is that indeed the one? Thanks!

  • Perhaps try this, is very recent: kaoriya.net/software/vim - one of the Win32 / Win64 links. You'll have to remove vimrc and gvimrc from the main vim folder after extracting the archive. I use the 64bit version.
    – VanLaser
    Jul 7, 2015 at 13:55
  • There are a few people that maintain up-to-date builds for Windows, you might want to ask about that on vim_use.
    – lcd047
    Jul 7, 2015 at 14:54

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Since no one has really answered this question, here's my recommendation for installing the latest Vim on Windows.

Official Vim website - download page

  • My recommendation for getting Windows Vim.
  • You can download the latest stable Vim installer gvim##.exe (ie gvim81.exe).

Latest/ Nightly builds

  • Download page for latest nightly build installer
  • Not recommended because build may not be stable, unless you need the absolute latest build.

Tuxproject.de Windows Vim build

  • Another Windows Vim build.
  • However, some DLLs are not included, but they can be downloaded from the official Vim website download page (see above), called vim##rt.zip (ie vim81rt.zip)

If you are using Chocolatey package manager, I recommend vim-tux which is sourced from tuxproject.de:

choco install vim-tux -y

The other chocolatey package, vim has not been updated, and it seems that package maintenance has stalled. Otherwise, you can install the older version using:

choco install vim -y

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