How to remove 2 characters from the beginning of a string after using filename-modifiers? So assume that I have a files that looks like this:



What I want is to get the number 40 and 1 out of the file names respectively using filename-modifiers (this is later going to a function that will send it to another tmux window). Writing this command gets me almost there: :!echo '%:p:t:r'



How do I now remove the first two characters here to get:


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    You can't use filename modifiers for this; you can use something like trim('ex') or matchstr('\d\+') to get the number. If you want it to work in the shell context with :! you'll have to use something like | grep -o '\d+'. Sep 17, 2022 at 14:25

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Any of the following would work with your specific examples:

:echo expand('%:p:t:r')->matchstr('\d\+$')
:echo expand('%:p:t:r')->trim('ex', 1) " the third direction argument might be new?
:echo expand('%:p:t:r')[2:]

Probably not the best solution, but should work :)


!echo $(var=%< && echo ${var/ex/})


  1. starts subshell and asigns %< to var (%< means current file without extenction)
  2. echo the variable var with a command substitution, 'ex' -> ' '

In short: Echo current filename without extenction and replace 'ex' with nothing.


Hope this helped you :)

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