In my _vimrc, Say I have a keybinding like this:

noremap gm f<Space>a{{c<Esc>0ylfcpa::<Esc>A}}<Esc>2F{

And another keybinding like this:

noremap m3 mckmbkma2j

I have tested both in normal Vim and they work fine

At a lower part of the _vimrc file, is it possible to do something like:

noremap g3 m3gm

I tried this and it doesn't execute properly.

Perhaps there is some kind of substitution I need to do that I'm not aware of. Could someone point me to that concept, if any?


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Yes. It's possible to do what I was trying to do above.

To do so, one needs to understand the difference between noremap and map in Vim.

It works when I use map but not when I use noremap.

map is recursive while noremap is not.

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    I would likely use nnoremap and nmap for Normal-mode only mappings, and you might be interested in <buffer> if these are only relevant for a specific filetype
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Sep 17, 2022 at 0:22

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