How can I evaluate Ruby code on-the-fly when you are writing it?

This is what it looks like:

5 + 5 # => 10

Take a look at the IRuby kernel for Jupyter / IPython and ipython-vimception. If you must do it in Vim itself you might try the vim-ipython plugin, but in my experience this part doesn't work very well.


If you want to evaluate a single line you can do this with a macro simply :

qq$hy:r! ruby -e '<C-r>"'<CR>

Decomposing :

qq                " record a new macro
v$hy              " select the current line minus the ^m
:r!               " prepare to read a command
ruby -e '<C-r>"'  " call ruby inline mode executing
<CR>              " execute the whole thing

You now have the result on the new line, feel free to customize :)

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    The problem is, it has to evaluate the whole file. And replace # => on every line. – firedev Jul 7 '15 at 10:14
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    that is right, but for quick evaluation of a single line (as I first understand the question) this should work, I edited my answer – nobe4 Jul 7 '15 at 10:16

Thanks @tomstuart:

I use https://github.com/t9md/vim-ruby-xmpfilter with xmpfilter.

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