:GBrowse is giving Netrw not found. Define your own :Browse to use :GBrowse since netrw is disabled by telescope.nvim.

I tried to define :Browse like this:

:command! -nargs=1 Browse !open <args>

but it does not work properly when using :GBrowse with ranges like :.GBrowse or :'<,'>GBrowse, because the url will contain # and it will try to expand it to the alternate filename (:h alternate-file, :h c_#). The expansion fails with E194: No alternate file name to substitute for '#': !open https://github.com/xxx/yyy#L3

How can I define a :Browse that works for :GBrowse in all cases?

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The following :Browse definition works when using :GBrowse with ranges:

:command! -nargs=1 Browse silent execute '!open' shellescape(<q-args>,1)

Relevant help pages: :h :!, :h shellescape(), :h :execute and :h :silent)


Who want a pure Lua solution in neovim, this is a Lua version of @RubenLaguna solution:

  function (opts)
    vim.fn.system { 'xdg-open', opts.fargs[1] }
  { nargs = 1 }

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