does anyone know if it is possible to install a Lua HTTPS library that I can access from a Lua plugin in Neovim to make HTTPS requests (POST)? And how would I install such a library?

For example, to access sqlite I would just clone https://github.com/stepelu/lua-ljsqlite3.git and https://github.com/stepelu/lua-xsys.git in my ~/example-plugin/lua/example-plugin/deps

I'm following this tutorial: https://www.linode.com/docs/guides/writing-a-neovim-plugin-with-lua/

Does anyone have an idea?

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There is the Plugin rest.nvim.

You could install it manually, which is error-prone and cumbersome. Instead I'd advice you to use the packer.nvim plugin manager.

Although I suspect that using packer.nvim makes your goal obsolete, since it can also provides you with the ability of install luarocks libraries.

A tutorial on installing the packer.nvim can be found here.

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