I've been user of YCM for years now. Recently discovered coc-vim and trying it out. Looks like it provides loads of additional features on top of what YCM has.

One thing that I can't figure out how to get to work is the default completion YCM had. E.g. when writing as bash script, YCM would automatically recommend completion suggestions while typing - e.g. function names.

nvim -version
NVIM v0.7.2
Build type: Release
LuaJIT 2.1.0-beta3
Compiled by team+vim@tracker.debian.org

Features: +acl +iconv +tui

How to enable this in vim-coc? Any other recommendations for someone coming from YCM as for configuration or useful reading material?

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With Coc you have to install language support for the target language.

For bash one solution is to run the command:

:CocInstall coc-sh

It will install the sh language server

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    Did that. This is what I ran after installing coc: nvim +'CocInstall -sync coc-snippets coc-tsserver coc-json coc-html coc-css coc-pyright coc-sh' +qall
    – laur
    Aug 24 at 16:10
  • Did you ran the :CocInstall coc-sh within Vim? What is the result? Could you share a screenshot? Aug 24 at 16:52
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    Command above installs it within neovim, yes; screenshot of explicitly re-installing coc-sh: i.imgur.com/VevZiTf.jpg; relevant part from :checkhealth: i.imgur.com/acYmJYT.jpg
    – laur
    Aug 24 at 23:50
  • Thanks. With this you should get the completion. I have tested that I gat at least the function name defined in the script. Can you five us an example of you expect and what you get? Aug 25 at 3:01

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