I recently decided to switch my init.vim to init.lua as I'm using Neovim and opted to use LuaSnip over UltiSnips - previously, CoC autocomplete and UltiSnips were clashing over the same tab triggers. I'm currently writing a script to convert some of my LaTeX snippets from UltiSnips to the LuaSnip format. Most of the snippets are easy to convert; however, I came across a couple issues with a few specific types of snippets:

  • Pre-expand snippets to expand tables and matrices. Theses use Python to generate the snippet based on input (e.g. I have (b|p|some other letters)mat[r].[c]a? to create a (optionally augmented) rxc matrix in LaTeX).
  • Contextual Snippets, which depend on the environment and have functions to evaluate the environment (e.g. I have snippets to generate bullet points in itemize and enumerate environments in LaTeX).
  • Auto-expand snippets (iA snippets in UltiSnips). Currently, snippets in LuaSnip require tab completion.

My question is: is it possible to move all these configurations to the LuaSnip format?

My thought is that instead of using Python to pre-expand snippets and to evaluate the environment, perhaps I could write the functions in Lua; however, I'm not sure if that is the correct approach. If anyone has done this before and has some insight, that would be great. Thanks!

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After some Googling and some help on Reddit (huge thanks to L3MON4D3, u/Doltonius), here is what I have so far:

  • Pre-expand is possible; however, this needs to be configured. L3MON4D3 has a set of matrix/table snippets and I'll try to see if I can modify those for my use as well (e.g. adding augments) and update the post when I have something working.
  • For contextual snippets, this can be done using conditions. Creating a conditional will probably be quite similar to the Python functions used in UltiSnips, but now in Lua. Again, I'll update the post when I have created working functions.

Check if you are in a math environment:

local function math():
    return vim.api.nvim_eval('vimtex#syntax#in_mathzone()') == 1
  • Auto-expand snippets can be done (here for more info) Make sure to enable autoexpand in the config like so (just putting it here since I had a bit of a hard time finding out how to set the config):
ls = require "luasnip"
    enable_autosnippets = true,})

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