(I'm using nvim 0.7 and have recently moved from a init.vim to lua, which is baffling me slightly.)

In my old set-up a split would look like this:


→ note that the bar that splits the two windows contains info on the window above it.

In my new set-up, the bar that splits the windows is just blank. I've searched through my old (long) config for anything related to splits and can't find anything I did to achieve that before!

Is this a built-in setting somewhere? (I'm also confused re talk of "winbar" which seems to be a new feature in neovim 0.8, and possibly vim, but I've had this behaviour for years).

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    you want to check what kind of a fancy statusline plugin you used previously. Check out vim-airline or lualine specifically for Neovim. Also check your 'laststatus' setting Commented Aug 8, 2022 at 6:51

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It’s the laststatus config. set laststatus=2 fixes.

The value of this option influences when the last window will have a status line:

0: never
1: only if there are at least two windows
2: always
3: always and ONLY the last window

Thanks for Christian's comment

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