I have set spelllang=en_us,ru_ru in my .vimrc, and when I enable spell check by typing :set spell, Vim shows me a pop-up window that says that the dictionary for the second language is not installed.

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Yes, most of the time I don't have it installed, but I don't want to have this annoying pop-up window.

Is it possible to workaround this issue and simply avoid this window somehow?

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The simples way to ignore this message is to globally ignore the SpellFileMissing autocommand:

:set eventignore=SpellFileMissing

See :h 'eventignore


:h spell-SpellFileMissing talks about how to handle your situation. There are basically two ways:

  1. Downloading spellfiles is done with a plugin. You can simply disable that plugin.

    let loaded_spellfile_plugin = 1
  2. Instead of using the plugin you can define a SpellFileMissing autocommand

    :au! SpellFileMissing * echo "Spell file for " . expand('<amatch>') . " not found."

Read through the help docs mentioned above for a better understanding.

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