Im trying to generate a new spell lang file for Romanian, but using format before 1993 when new orthographic rules was implemented. To summarize before 1993 we wrote for eg: cînd and now we write când

I downloaded this extension, I extracted it and this is the content:

 ./
├── description.xml
├── Dictionaries.xcu
├── file.txt
├── hyph_ro_RO.dic
├── manifest.xml
│  └── manifest.xml
├── README_EN.txt
├── README_RO.txt
├── ro_RO.aff
└── ro_RO.dic

I opened vim and execute: :mkspell ~/.vim/spell/ro ~/Downloads/dict-ro-classic.1.7/ro_RO.aff. Is generating a file ro.utf-8.spl but has only 44kb in contrast with 1.1MB that is downloading from the official vim ftp.

What I am doing wrong? I read this post and the help docs, but I didn't succeded.

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      The input can be the Myspell format files {inname}.aff
      and {inname}.dic.  If {inname}.aff does not exist then
      {inname} is used as the file name of a plain word

Omit aff extension from command line and it should succeed.

  • Thanks a lot for your answer. Unfortunately, it is not working. Here is what I get: pastebin.com/L8gJH3X2
    – Mafsi
    Jul 23, 2022 at 19:28
  • @Mafsi I checked and it worked. Should be some kind of local problem on your machine (small output file = .dic was not found/processed).
    – Matt
    Jul 24, 2022 at 3:03
  • I had to press more on that long list of errors to see what happened. It was generated but is full of errors, see here the end pastebin.com/jFSWkyAJ. Now in .vimrc I have set spell and set spelllang=ro and when I open the vim I get: Error detected while processing /home/mafsi/.vimrc[345]../home/mafsi/.vim/spell/ro.utf-8.spl: E783: duplicate char in MAP entry Press ENTER or type command to continue. What could be my local machine problem?
    – Mafsi
    Jul 24, 2022 at 3:51
  • I accepted your answer because it is the right one. I don't know why I have these errors. If you can generate the file without errors and care to upload somewhere for me to have it, I will appreciate it. I found other .aff & .dic files and I managed to generate a spell file without errors, but on those file were other problems: cedilla instead of commabellow. Thanks a lot for your help.
    – Mafsi
    Jul 24, 2022 at 6:53
  • 1
    @Mafsi 1) Do :set spelllang=ro but not :set spell in your vimrc. Only set spell manually for files in Romanian that you want to spell check; it may complain upon running spell check for the first time but it still works; 2) It complains on lines 1832-33 and 1837 in ro_RO.aff; you can check these lines and, maybe, comment them out; then you can rebuild spl and there'll be no errors anymore but I have no idea what will be broken as a result.
    – Matt
    Jul 24, 2022 at 7:46

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