I want to write a simple function that will toggle syntax highlighting, I imagine it'll just be a simple if-else.

Is there a condition I can check? If "syntax is on"?

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You can use global variable g:syntax_on (more specifically, the existence of such variable) to determine whether syntax highlighting is on or off.

See :help g:syntax_on, which actually even includes an example of a mapping that toggles syntax highlighting:

:map <F7> :if exists("g:syntax_on") <Bar>
    \   syntax off <Bar>
    \ else <Bar>
    \   syntax enable <Bar>
    \ endif <CR>

As an alternative, you can toggle syntax state for each buffer individually,

syntax manual
map <F12> <cmd>let &syntax = exists('b:current_syntax') ? 'OFF' : 'ON'<CR>

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