I have Vim v. 8.2 with huge feature, installed using Brew, mostly used for Python dev. I also use Pipenv for python, having the .venv dir in the project's folder.

For Vim, I'm using the vim-pipenv plugin and it works as it should be. Meaning, I get auto completion by my CoC, flake works as it should be, etc.

I have though a minor problem and I want to solve it. The problem is that when I first open a file I get the following error:

Error detected while processing function nerdtree#ui_glue#invokeKeyMap[1]..76[18]..75[3]..50_customOpenFile[1]..105[1]..121[3]..177[6]..178[17]..13[3]..BufRead Autocommands for "*.py"..FileType Autocommands for "python"..function Pipenv#activate[12]..virtualenv#activate

The case is though, that if I open any subsequent file this error does not appear and that my venv works fine.

Finally, I also use Stratify and NERDTree.

Any help with the above message? Or, any pointers from where I should start looking to find out what is happening?



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