In a project I need to set fileformat=dos for all *.html files. Is it possible to do with autocmd?

My fileformats=unix,dos by default, since I'm on Linux.

I've tried the simplest way:

autocmd BufRead *.html setlocal fileformat=dos
autocmd FileType html setlocal fileformat=dos

Nothing worked even in this simplified way.

What I've been trying to set up is actually this (s:config is defined etc.):

if has_key(s:config, 'fileformats')
  for key in keys(s:config.fileformats)
    execute ':autocmd FileType ' . key . ' setlocal fileformat=' . s:config.fileformats[key]

After some additional research, I found that fileformat is set automatically if binary is off, and if all lines end with \r\n and fileformats=unix,dos (in my case), then it's set to dos, otherwise unix. In my case the problem was (and probably is) that a file doesn't have a new line character at the end, that's why fileformat=unix always.

Currenty I've resorted to manually setting such malformed file to fileformat=dos

Could anyone help me please to automate it?

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There are in fact 4 different ways to do this. You can read all of them in :h new-filetype. I will only describe the simplest solution:

In your user runtime directory, create a new file in your ftdetect directory (e.g. ~/.vim/ftdetect) with the following line (or any other setting you want to apply)

au BufRead,BufNewFile *.html            set fileformat=dos

The name of the file is not important. Restart vim, open a new file with .html extension and check that its fileformat has been changed successfully.

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    Thank you, sorry, I didn't have a chance to try it yet, I hope I'll to in later during the week
    – d.k
    Jun 28, 2022 at 10:01

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