Is it possible to use word under cursor in shell command? Say:

^ cursor here

:r! echo <word_under_cursor> 

and get "Elvis" read in.

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If you are typing interactively in the vim command line you can hit CtrlrCtrlw to include the current word or CtrlrCtrla to include the current WORD.

If you are writing a function or a command you can use expand('<cword>') or expand('<cWORD>') for the current WORD version.

Like in:

function! Hello()
  echo 'The current word is: ' . expand('<cword>')
  echo 'The current WORD is: ' . expand('<cWORD>')
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    Yes, using <C-r>_<C-w> solves it. Using expand() is not possible in command line mode as far as I see.
    – l00p
    Jun 17, 2022 at 13:11

There is something to remember: Vim treats the commands differently. Some of them accept literals and cmdline-specials, so you can do

:r !echo <cword>

(or maybe :.!echo <cword>)

While others accept VimScript expressions, so it could look as, for example,


(or maybe :put=system('echo ' .. expand('<cword>'))

So the syntax of VimScript is heavily context-dependent.

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