If I do :let id = popup_create(['hello', 'hello', ... a lot of these, 'hello'], {}), I can reproduce the case of a popup that contains more items that its height, thus having a scrollbar.

How do I scroll that bar via keyboard? Is it possible?

:help popup-scrollbar mentions the mouse several times, so it suggests to me that probably it's simply not possible to scroll via keyboard. Is that the case?

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After some digging I found this great blog post by @fortime.

I adapted their code for my needs (fixed a bug and keep the scrollbar visible):

function! ScrollPopup(nlines)
    let winids = popup_list()
    if len(winids) == 0

    " Ignore hidden popups
    let prop = popup_getpos(winids[0])
    if prop.visible != 1

    let firstline = prop.firstline + a:nlines
    let buf_lastline = str2nr(trim(win_execute(winids[0], "echo line('$')")))
    if firstline < 1
        let firstline = 1
    elseif prop.lastline + a:nlines > buf_lastline
        let firstline = buf_lastline + prop.firstline - prop.lastline

    call popup_setoptions(winids[0], {'firstline': firstline})

You can add your own keybindings to call ScrollPopup, for example:

nnoremap <C-j> :call ScrollPopup(3)<CR>
nnoremap <C-k> :call ScrollPopup(-3)<CR>
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