Vim has the :terminal command, which opens a window with a terminal session inside. According to the documentation (:help terminal-cursor-style),

By default the cursor in the terminal window uses a not blinking block. The normal xterm escape sequences can be used to change the blinking state and the shape.

I added the following to my .vimrc:

" Make the cursor always a blinking underscore
let &t_SI .= "\<Esc>[3 q"
let &t_SR .= "\<Esc>[3 q"
let &t_EI .= "\<Esc>[3 q"

That sets the cursor style for regular vim windows, but not terminal windows. How can I override the default "not blinking block" cursor in terminal windows?

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Suppose &shell is set to /usr/bin/bash, then append
printf '\033[3 q' to ~/.bashrc; launch a new vim
instance and run :term and launch another vim instance
from that terminal window and run :term, ad libitum.

Depending on how the outermost vim instance is launched,
you may not need for it your three capability lines from

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