Using Neovim 0.6.1.

I use a lot of snake_case_variable_names and have a frequent need to navigate within their individual components instead of treating these names as a single word.

Right now, the only trick I've found is to put this line in my config: set iskeyword-=_

However this poses several problems:

  1. When using the native completion engine, the individual components are registered in a list of available words. This tends to bloat completion lists with useless symbols (some_integer, some, integer).

    • For instance, if I declare some_integer in python, the jedi completion engine will recognise some_integer as a symbol available for completion. Which is good.
    • The native nvim completion engine, on the other hand, will recognise some and word as symbols available for completion. Which is bad.
  2. The ability to navigate around full_names with w,e,b motions is either removed or severely impaired.

    • I can sometimes use W,E,B to select an entire_name, but it doesn't behave as w,e,b used to behave before using set iskeyword-=_. It usually overshoots and selects special characters such as parentheses, punctuation, brackets, etc.
  3. * and # do not select the whole_name, but whatever word is delimited by underscores.

Does anyone know how I could get around either (hopefully both) of these problems?

Ideally, I'd like a setup that would function as follows:

  • w,e,b to navigate within snake_case_names
  • W,E,B behaving exactly as the default w,e,b

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Right before submitting this question I dove into a rabbit hole and emerged with a solution mentioned in this post: https://vi.stackexchange.com/a/677/31358

The provided answer was to install this plugin: https://github.com/bkad/CamelCaseMotion

And with the following config, it seems that my wishes have been granted:

map <silent> b <Plug>CamelCaseMotion_b
map <silent> e <Plug>CamelCaseMotion_e
sunmap w
sunmap b
sunmap e
  • 1
    You forgot to remove set iskeyword-=_ from your configuration file. This causes more problems than it solves. Keep the original iskeyword and use the CamelCaseMotion plugin.
    – r_31415
    Jun 2, 2022 at 18:48
  • Hey, good point. I just checked and I no longer have that bug and have removed the iskeyword line so maybe that completion curfufle was caused by neovim not being properly reset. Amending post.
    – jwav
    Jun 2, 2022 at 19:42
  • Excellent. I'm glad both issues are fixed :)
    – r_31415
    Jun 2, 2022 at 20:39

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