Imaging I'm editing some code, and I found a few words that I would like to paste at the current cursor position elsewhere in the file. I will go to them, yank them, but then how do I return back to the original location to paste them?

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You can use explicit marks with m normal command:

  1. ma -- mark position into register a
  2. goto anywhere
  3. return to the marked position with `a
  • :h mark-motions
  • :h registers
  • Thank you, this is what I was after, I will dispense the ticks in a couple of days May 27, 2022 at 23:16

If you jump to the interesting part with a motion, you could use :h <c-o> to jump back where you were.

Another possible approach is to copy the line with :h :copy / :t, like so:


This will search for the next line matching 'pattern' and copy it (t) under the current line (.).


In addition to <C-o>, there is the single-quote and backtick mark: '' and ` go the line and line + column from before the last jump I believe.

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