I'm recently working on a project in vim, and I need to execute the same command in command-line mode multiple times to different files which are in the same folder. like


Is there a easiler way to do this?

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Fill up the args list (:args …; note there are some nice shorthands so you don’t need to list out every file often) then use :argdo <cmd>. There is also :bufdo, :cdo, and more. This last is particularly handy with :grep/:vimgrep.

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    I'm a (old) vi guy using vim by inheritance. Can you provide the exact syntax to do what Daybreak asked? I'm not familiar with what an args list is, or how to use argdo.
    – Sinc
    May 27 at 13:31
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    See the :help :args entry and references @Sinc the syntax to populate args depends on the fast way to find files (search? Match a glob?) but the syntax to actually run the command is simply :argdo %substitute/V1/V2/ge
    – D. Ben Knoble
    May 27 at 14:16
  • That beats copying the substitute string and then doing a whole lot of {paste :wn} pairs! I love lazy programmers who like to make repetition easy!
    – Sinc
    May 27 at 19:16

Perhaps call out to sed:

:!sed -i 's/V1/V2/g' %:p:h/*

The last parameter is documented in

  • :he cmdline-special
  • :he filename-modifiers

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